Bike to Nationals Park from Eckington

Made our first game of the season yesterday, and got to Nationals Park via our preferred bike_to_nationalsmethod: bike.

There are actually several very easy, relatively low-traffic, routes–around 3 miles each–from which one can choose:

Eckington -> Nationals Park

  • (Day or night games) For an all-road, mostly bike-laned route, it doesn’t get much easier (or faster) than 2nd St NE, cutting over to 4th St NE, taking this all the way to just east of the Park. 20-30 minutes due to the traffic lights south of Mass Ave.
    Click for the map

Nationals Park -> Eckington

  • (Day games) For an all-road, mostly bike-laned route, one will have to take 6th NE back, cutting over to 2nd St NE before reaching H St NE.
    Click for the map
  • (Day or night games) If you are not adverse to riding on sidewalks, coming back along New Jersey is a short, well-lit, well-secured route home.
    20 minutes due to the sidewalk riding south of Mass Ave.
    Click for the map

At the stadium, there are bike racks along the front as well as a “bike valet” parking garage–both options free.

Of course, these routes can be modified further upon the opening of the Metropolitan Branch Trail this summer.

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4 thoughts on “Bike to Nationals Park from Eckington

  1. STAY OFF THE SIDEWALKS! riding on the sidewalk is less safe, for everyone — including pedestrians trying to use it as, um, a WALK, and drivers who are not looking at the sidewalks but rather the streets for bikes zipping out at 10-15mph.

    • If you look at the map, the sidewalk portions are limited to crossing the train tracks in the south, the promenade in front of the recently opened Capitol grounds, and the wide sidewalks on the grounds just south of Union Station. Car traffic is minimal at these road crossings and pedestrians have plenty of room. I’ll continue to recommend this route for night game returns.

      • Thanks. I used this info last week. Great bike ride. Boring game. The only run scored was a bases loaded walk. Braves 1 Nats 0. –J.T.

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